LT Game is one of the leading gaming machine and equipments supplier in Macau and Asia Pacific Region. Some of its avant-garde products include the Live Table Multi-Gaming System (which has a live dealer, supports multiple tables and has a terminal-based multi-game selection system) and the Paradise Jackpot System (Baccarat Side-Bet Progressive Jackpot), both have been patented in Macau and the USA. LT Game is striving to be at the forefront of the global gaming industry.
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The Live Table Multi-Gaming(LTG) System merges and provides the best of the live table gaming world and the electronic gaming world. As its name suggests, players can play multiple live table games with real-life dealers concurrently. Furthermore, it is a sophisticated electronic platform that allows players to wager at the privacy of a betting terminal. The LTG platform can be linked to all kinds of table games (of which, presently 6 are available with others in development) and is able to be connected to an unlimited number of betting terminals –allowing a very cost-effective casino floor setup.